We are a group of young men and women on a mission to bring a revolution called ‘Gofar Food’ in this world. We have taken a vow in the name of our beloved Gau Mata that we devote every single breath to her seva and not rest till her pride as ‘the mother’ of humanity is restored. Let’s bring Gau Mata back to our heart and our lives. The place Gau Mata held in our lives was more than that of a family member. She was regarded as a mother nurturing and nourishing her sons and daughters with milk, protecting them from diseases with her Gau mutra (Cow urine) and making land fertile to grow grains with her Gobara (cow dung). We have almost lost her and with that our deep values in these years after independence. Our beloved mother is now forgotten and forced out of the house, left to feed at garbage bins. Time has come to bring her back and to display respect for her has a nation by declaring her as ‘Rashtra Mata’ which she always has been.
Healthy world : Using Panchgavya based products in our day to day lives
Clean world : Using Gobar Gas and Gau mutra to produce clean energy
Spiritual WorlD : Spreading great glories of Gau Mata by organizing Gau Katha and in every household

Here are the four pillars of GauKranti we are set to achieve in this world:

Gau Social – A platform to propagate the importance of Gau Mata and her great value to mankind and universe as a whole

Gau Vigyan – A platform to recognize and promote innovations using

Gau Mutra and Gobara Gau Therapy – A platform for Panchgavya based health care initiative

Gau Products – A platform to enable Gaushalas to sell Gau products and let end users to easily buy quality Gau products

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